Below is the menu for Experiencing Home Cooking class. You can check your choices and what kind dish you can cook in a class.
Please choose 4 dishes. One rice , one soup, two dishes from main and side dishes menu. (Please note that the one has * cannot be chosen two together.) 


 IMG_7196  kinokogohan  Edamame gohan
Okinawan style mixed steam rice with pork.
Kinoko gohan
Mixed steam rice with chicken. This is more mainland Japan style.
Edamame gohan
Edamame beans with young sardine *vegetarian available.


Aasaa jiru misosoup
Aasaa soup
Very common Okinawan soup with seaweeds. Bonito broth base soup.
Miso soup
Vegetables with miso paste. I will prepare seasonal or local vegetables for a class.

Main and side dishes
Okinawa dishes

porkbelly IMG_1044 IMG_7124
Braised pork belly in soy sauce. Very popular and famous Okinawan dish.
Goya Champuru
Goya is bitter melon. Champuru means mixed. This dish is possibly the most popular and known dish and enjoyed by locals daily basis.
Fu Champuru
This is another popular dish in Okinawa. Fu is wheat flour gluten.
beniimo IMG_6624 IMG_0970
Beniimo croquette *
Deep fried purple sweet potato with bread crumbs
Beniimo manju *
Purple sweet potato rice cake with minced meat and Chines chives filling
In Okinawa, we eat loofahs. Loofah really goes well with miso paste base sauce
IMG_0878 IMG_1188 shiraae
Ensai Itame
Fried water spinach with  garlic. This simple dish is perfect side dish.
Tougan no Nimono
Braised winter melon and pork with soy sauce. You can substitute this dish to green papaya and radish.
Nigana no Shiroae
Island tofu and local bitter leaf vegetable. This dish will open up new world of tofu cooking to you.
Okinawa tempura*
Deep fried vegetables and seafood.
Karashina Itame
Fried mustard spinach and canned tuna. Canned tuna?! Yes, in Okinawa, we use quite a lot of canned food too.
Shimadofu salad
Island tofu’s salad. This is healthy side dish for tofu lover.

Japanese dishes

karaage IMG_7646 IMG_1401
Karaage *
Deep fried chicken with garlic and ginger.
Gyoza *
Grilled meat dumpling. One of popular dish. In the class, you will make from pastry.
Sanmano Kabayaki *
Pacific saury cooked in soy sauce. Believe me it is really good!